Queen Wolf / Snakefeast

by Queen Wolf / Snakefeast

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released January 7, 2014

Tracks 1-5 written and performed by Queen Wolf:

Thejus Chakravarthy - Bass, Vocals
Sarah Gretchen - Vocals
Chuck Hannan - Drums
Alex Vallejo - Guitar
Mike Walls - Guitar, Vocals

Produced by Mike Walls and Noel Mueller. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Noel Mueller between late summer and early fall 2013.
Additional engineering by Kevin Considine and Mike Walls. © & ℗ 2014 Grimoire Records and Queen Wolf.

Tracks 6-10 written and performed by Snakefeast:

Dave - Drums
Carson - Bass
Dan - Sax
Phil - Vocals

Snakefeast was recorded in April 2013 by Noel Mueller for Grimoire Records. Mixed and mastered by Noel Mueller.
Art layout by Noel Mueller, Illustration by Chris Bolesta.
© 2013, Grimoire Records and Snakefeast.


all rights reserved



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We're based in Baltimore, MD and specialize in black, death, doom, stoner, thrash-metal, math/noise and post-rock bands based in the mid-atlantic area.
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Track Name: Queen Wolf - Reflectors
Take stock of all the lives you've lived. Which one looks the most like you? My advice: start getting comfortable with contradiction. "I am a victim of my own lust for results." Your experience is all you have, but that isn't all there is. If you don't like the Moebius track you are on, you can break out and make a new direction. "I've got to learn to get out of my own way." GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!
Track Name: Queen Wolf - Inside the Wolf
Jaws open wide, here we are inside the throat that's warm and in the way of harm, spewing bullshit-inspired rage covering an impossible longing for comfort. Jaws clamp down, we begin to drown in a wet dark place we once called Home. Swallowed by the wolf, fear registers a whole new plane. Open your eyes little one, we're home. There is a way out of this nightmarish reality: Just walk up to the door, turn the knob and knock knock knock knock much louder. If we wake ourselves up from the sand we're underneath...uncover our little heads...we'll get clean...‘cause here on the other side, the wolf opens up her eyes, letting us know we might survive (if we could be louder). We have been swallowed whole; Just let yourself slip from one wet age into the next. LET GO.
Track Name: Queen Wolf - Riding
There’s a man riding out of sight. Where’s he going? Cuz I want to know… Cuz he has pieces of me… I see, in the distance, my poor sweet baby boy. I lost part of my name, and all of my joy. All that’s left are pretty pretty little scars that wrap around my veins, but only go so far. I miss the days when he would say I was all that boy could need; I was all that boy could see; I was all he ever wanted. But now, I’ve grown so tired from getting higher and higher. I want to go back to the day when I could hear my little boy say I was all that boy could need; I was all that boy could see; I was all he ever wanted. There’s a man riding out of sight. Where’s he going? Cuz I wanna know…
Track Name: Queen Wolf - Lil Cuts
Little cuts on your hands make me smile from the miles of throat you’ve jumped down. Sideways tracks hit the ground running right up to the edge of my nerves. Little cuts on your hands are getting sore, blinded by your light-heartedness. My tongue is slicing hands, hands across face keep slipping. The thread you pulled is all frayed from the display of affection that’s exhausted. The thread you pulled is all frayed from the display of affection that’s now wasted on me. Little cuts across a crowded bar, never knew just how very far you’d push me. You pushed, I pulled; You left, I stayed…and now, the anger has kind of dissipated. You pushed, I pulled; You left, I stayed…I can’t stay mad at you anymore.
Track Name: Queen Wolf - Queen Wolf
My thoughts run on without me. I’m dragged behind to conclusions that offer me nothing. Pessimism and pragmatism look the same in a dark room. It’s not right, It’s not “fine”; I swallowed the hook but couldn’t stomach the line. It led to the darkest place that I wish wasn’t true. Maybe I’m stronger than I look, maybe I can’t be caught...in fact, I’m already gone (gnaw through the bone, chew my own leg off). I might be caught in this trap now, but I won’t be here for long. I’m dragged behind. I’m so sick. Sick of trying, sick of caring, sick of pretending to care. I might be caught in this trap now, but I won’t be here for long.
Track Name: Snakefeast - Damiens
The singing guillotine
Is a harsh reality,
The man removed
From the killing blow.

This is cold, inhuman,

I long for an execution
Like Damiens',
A spiteful death,
An ugly death,
One at the hands
Of another
Living beast.

I want to look into his eyes
As he binds my arms and legs
To four horses,
Gees them up
And rips me apart.
Laugh at his impotent god,
As he pours boiling tar
And molten lead
into my open wounds.

Pull the cord,
Loose the blade
Of your death machine.
Track Name: Snakefeast - Cave
Alone. Fettered
In the deepest hallows
Of the cave - your mind.
Ancient shadows flicker,
High above, ephemeral clarity dangles.
The liars chide.
you idle there.
Blood pools, collects, and drains,
You idle there.
A glimpse of foreign light
From somewhere never known.
Rot and soar away on neoteric wings.
Track Name: Snakefeast - Frontier
Dying planet abandoned,
Barreling through confusion,
Bursting forth, into the void.
Frantic tangent
Toward desolation unknown.
Grasping at the horizon,
A fading image of home, forgotten.
Moons disappearing,
Orbits in flux.
A hopeless course,
A starless system of regret.
One planet, adrift in the ether,
Dead in the enormity,
With no satellites for reference.
Foreign world lost forever, now.
An atom in oblivion.
Track Name: Snakefeast - Wither
Season of death,
Settle in the bones.
Rattle the cage,
Shatter the limbs.
There is no escape.

Hide behind your shadow,
Biding time.

When the jaws open wide,
Crawl inside.
Incubate the sickness,
Fossilized by madness.

Thoughts broken,
Wither from the inside.

Season of death,
Mounting despair.
Cripple the mind,
Sever all connections.

A forced march,
Track Name: Snakefeast - Being
The biomechanic interaction
Between all human beings
Is a contrived system of order,
Mandated by time,
By the directors and stage.
Cogwheels spin.
An addition of naughts.
Maintaining structure,
Turning cranks,
Commanding obedience.
The foremen demand that the people
Tie their own nooses,
And erect their own gallows.
Bound by uniformity,
The masses hang.

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