Rejoice and Transcend

by Wrought Iron

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Filthy, rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth black/death metal for fans of Marduk, Funeral Mist, Deathspell Omega.

"built on a foundation of death metal riffs and grindcore tempo/rhythm shifts, then smothered in the atmosphere and aesthetic of black metal." - Valley of Steel

"Everything is recorded at the nearly perfect level, which allows the lo-fi sound to, shall we say, transcend. The vocals layer and rip open your throat better than Craft ever managed, with the drums pounding and providing impetus. Really, this is damn perfect on so many levels a perfect score would never suffice." -

"“Revelation and Awakening” has guitar lines that catch fire and deface the path in front of it, while the vocals are guttural and evil, with Snyder howling, “You are the chosen one,” almost as if he means it in mockery and pure disgust." - Meat Mead and Metal


released July 8, 2014

Wrought Iron is:

Kenny S. | Vocals
Nick T. | Drums
Nick L. | Guitar
Brooks C. | Bass & Vocals

All songs written and performed by Wrought Iron. "Rejoice and Transcend" was recorded on April 5th, 2014 by Noel Mueller of Grimoire Records. Mixed and Mastered by Noel Mueller/Grimoire Records. © & ℗ 2014 Grimoire Records.


all rights reserved



Grimoire Records Baltimore, Maryland

Grimoire Records is a hybrid recording studio/label with one credo; we record, mix and master every one of our releases.

We're based in Baltimore, MD and specialize in black, death, doom, stoner, thrash-metal, math/noise and post-rock bands based in the mid-atlantic area.
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Track Name: Dawn of the Swamp
Months of heavy rain
Falling from the sky
Dawn of the swamp
Mystics testify
Beyond Hopeless
Dark forces, troubled pasts convene
Manifested spirits
Creatures of the night
Born dead
Want nothing in this world more
than to watch you die
Determined beyond belief
Screaming and crying
cutting through the thunder's resonant quake
She beckons me
The fires ominous glow
Shining from within the ground
Mother lying dead
Rope of flesh hanging
Orphaned from the start
lying in a pool of afterbirth
I raise her as my own
I hold her in my arms
A thunderous roar shakes me
Dropped to the floor
Squirming and lame
Injured beyond repair
Ending the misery
Stomping the grief
Mother awakens
Hands around my throat
Track Name: White Death
forest of the north
cold winter labyrinth
swallows divisions whole
ambush at every advance
death at every turn
we'll destroy our own land
slit the throat of every animal
burn down every building
just so you have nothing
We watch you through the night
we know your every move
you won't sleep you won't eat
just pray to be spared
"The wolves will eat well this winter"
my people, this culture you wish to destroy
as long as breath flows through my lungs
ill fight ill bleed
ill die for this cause
the ground you stand on will break
and you'll fall straight to hell
where you fucking belong
Kiantajarvi sleeps with you in her belly
still there to this day
Track Name: Danse Macabre
what we were you are
what we are you will be
mighty emperor
wretched beggar
equalized in the dance of death
holy father
filthy peasant
all men will take the cold hand
a corpse leads each gracefully
pride and status melt away
madly entranced in revelry
the shrouded dead lead the round
remove your sword your worthless crown
it means nothing
mortals united it is both their times
morbid ritual deaths celebration
lithe cadavers share the rhythm of the damned
fear not for all will take the cold hand
Remove your worthless crown
it means nothing
the danse macabre
prepare ye to become the prey
the danse macabre
ob arm ob reich im tode gleich
Track Name: Brine
desert of palaces
lawn of graves
built upon the trash and shit
pulling the knife from a man's back
spitting in his widows face
kicking his children away from the body
As he bleeds out
climb into his eye sockets
inherit his fortune
bathe in his wealth
adorned in cloaks
dyed with human blood
no man dares to climb this throne
this mountain of grief
this tomb of disgust
i am the burdened howl of morning
vomiting brine in the face of god
try me, educate me
serenade me
with your pitiful whimpers
clawing at my empire
like waves on a bluff
i won't stand forever
but neither will you
Track Name: König von Scheise
the cruel boreal winter
huddled in a mass for warmth
sadistic human husbandry
konig von scheisse
a heap of rancid flesh
limbs knotted and contorted
König von scheisse
the filth the ice the hair
brought together
by means of unspeakable vileness
begging for deaths release
the screams pierce through the dull moaning
peeling her skin from the heap
escape artist stitched to a straight jacket
she breaks free
weeping and bleeding
candles burnt to puddles of wax
wicks last flickering
illuminating the rusted blade
she hacks this creature that bore her
a catharsis years in the making
Track Name: Revelation and Awakening
Listless and resigned
Fragile and wandering
Fragmented psyche
Yearning for truth
But now he appears
The hunter, collector of souls
Come, and belong with him
Sever ties to your former sins
You will see that his chalice brims with wisdom
Overflowing with divine knowledge
Messianic and exalted human vessel
Your only hope for transcendence
Become the ritual
Chanting in ecstacy
Speaking in tongues
Awaiting the prophecy
Come, and leave the world behind
The pure path lies ahead
Divergent from the human condition
Rejoice, he has marked you as chosen
Revel in the revealed mystery
Benevolence and beneficence
You now belong
This close to the power
Privileged to trade your life
For the keys to eternity
Drink deeply with your master
And bind your fate to his
Breathe your last breath
As you transform
Die and awaken
Traverse and transcend
Die and awaken
Rejoice and transcend
Track Name: Descendant
The memories in my blood
Those of chevaliers
Witness to the horror
Of the great chevauchees
I bled at Agincourt
I fell at Poitiers
Rode with the Archpriest
For revenge and glory
I was there when his men cut him down
Dragged from my from mount
In a sea of halberds,
Destroyers and destriers
I bled at Crecy
I drowned at Sluys
The hail of arrows gifting peasant deaths
The royal cannons decimate longbowmen
The thunder of hooves
The thunder of death
Rode through the devastated countryside
Fires and bodies, famine and disease
I still know the stench of a battlefield full of dead
The splash of suffering men's throats being slit
I am the descendant of warriors
Track Name: Impulse Hangover
Oxygenated and crimson hues
history leaks out the wounds
Obsessive curse, dark compulsions
Locked in the depths of my mind
A loss of innocence
a life wasted
a wasted life
potential ruined
i stand before a god I've never believed in
and i beg and i plead to no avail
existence is a fetish that i took far too far
beg and plead to no avail
justification and disgust
Track Name: Coyote
dried carrion of past gore
contorted bones and flesh
hardened in the desert sun
Lost dogs running a road to hell
hearts bursting in terror
tortured howls of fear
howls of bloody truth
echo through this wasteland
the nature of nature
Torn apart alive
splattered onto the hot arid ground
Blood drying brown on the stones
staring into the blue abyss
locking eyes with your maker
locking eyes with the predator
locking eyes with the infinite

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